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Welcome to the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR) South Carolina Low Country chapter! We are delighted that you have joined us and trust that the benefits of membership will meet your expectations.  

As a member you will automatically receive the discounted membership rates to attend meetings both Nationally and Globally. You also receive the benefit of attending all of the Low Country chapter meeting free of charge.  We will send occasional mailings as well, including meetings & events schedule, mix & mingle dates and times, miscellaneous announcements, and registration forms for the annual meetings. 
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The National Association of African Americans in Human Resources 

NAAAHR is an inspirational and unique career development and networking powerhouse for Black and African American human resources practitioners and those who are aligned with our goals to provide: Networking, Career Opportunities, Educational and Professional Development, Mentorship and Coaching and Tools, Tips and Resources. These opportunities will enhance the careers of our members and position them to be key contributors of the strategic direction of their organizations!

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