Wendy Carter, VP Programs/Professional Development,Orlando Chapter


Wendy Carter

VP Programs/Professional Development
NAAAHR Orlando Chapter


Wendy Carter, known for her inspiring and energetic disposition, is an Organizational Development Manager for a national healthcare system’s IT division. With over 12 years’ experience in Human Resources, Higher Education and Career Development, Wendy is a passionate advocate for empowering individuals to maximize their potential at work and in life.

Prior to joining the system, Wendy served as the HR Manager of a national non-profit in New York City where she developed people development initiatives, recruited NYC’s top talent and produced training programs to develop the organizations’ staff. In addition, she taught Career Development techniques to students as an Adjunct Professor of a diverse metropolitan college.

In her spare time, Wendy is a volunteer with Greater Orlando’s Dress for Success organization where she assists program participants with techniques to be equipped for the workforce.  She also serves on the board on the National Association of African-Americans of Human Resources (NAAAHR – Orlando Chapter) professionals as the Vice President of Programs and Professional Development.

Wendy is a native of Jamaica, West Indies and enjoys traveling back home, trying new foods and spending quality time with her son, Chance.



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