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Conference Learning and Events Schedule


8:00am - 5:00pm
  General Registration  Elizabeth Ann 
8:00am - 5:00pm
  Registration: Lifetime members, VIPs and Corporate Sponsors N.E.S.S. Experience Conf Rm A 
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NAAAHR Elite Signature Services (N.E.S.S.) Experience
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Conf Rm A
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  Business Office  Boardroom
10:00am - 12:00pm   Senior Advisory Business Meeting  Salon I 
12:00pm - 1:00pm   Lunch (Sr Advisory Council, National Board, and Chapter Leadership)  Salon IV
10:00am - 4:00pm   NAAAHR Chapter Presidents & Delegates - National Leadership Forum  Salon V
4:30pm - 6:00pm  

Conference Kick-off & Welcome Reception
Introduction of the Chairman and Vice Chairman by Lee Meadows, President, State of Michigan Chapter
Nat Alston, Chairman of the Board, NAAAHR
Carl Jefferson, Vice-Chairman of the Board, NAAAHR
William T. Rolack, Sr., President Welcome & Introduction of the County Administrator

Roy Wilbanks Ballroom

Special Guest:



Delano E. Lewis, Sr
Former US Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa

Roy Wilbanks Ballroom
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Old School Party & Concert

See ya there!!!!!! Don’t miss the hippest trip in Ann Arbor. Oh yeah!!! Don Cornelius will be in the building. Be sure to wear your best outfit from the 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's. The most creative and the best dressed will be awarded.

Performance by Kool Moe Dee 

One of the first rappers to earn a Grammy Award and was the first rapper to perform at the Grammys.

Roy Wilbanks Ballroom

Conference Learning and Events Schedule


8:00am - 11:00pm Green Room: Conference Speakers ONLY 
 Seminar Room 1
8:00am - 5:00pm
General Registration   Elizabeth Ann 
8:00am - 5:00pm
Registration: Lifetime members, VIPs and Corporate Sponsors N.E.S.S. Experience  Conf Rm A 
8:00am - 11:00pm

NAAAHR Elite Signature Services (N.E.S.S.) Experience
We would like to say thank you for your lifetime membership and corporate sponsorship. Relax in the V.I.P room where you can connect or reconnect with fellow V.I.P.’s and lifetime members

 Conf Rm A
8:00am - 5:00pm
Expo/Vendor Set-up Conf Center Lobby
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Business Office   Boardroom
8:00am - 9:00am Breakfast  Roy Wilbanks Ballroom  
9:00am - 5:00pm   Expo:Corporate Exhibitors & Community Vendors 
  Conf Center Lobby
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Conf Rm G
9:00am - 10:00am 
Opening & Kick-Off
Roy Wilbanks Ballroom



Christopher Lopez
President, NAAAHR Philadelphia Chapter


10:00am - 11:00am

Keynote Speaker: 


HR professionals are tasked with assisting both managers and employees in navigating internal conflict. Many people forget that HR professionals are also employees and sometimes have to deal with the same level of organizational malaise. For HR people, having to work for a dysfunctional leader can have a tremendous ripple effect - impacting not only their own productivity but their ability to be present and focused for others. This session will focus on the following elements of working for a bad leader (aka ‘jackass’): symptoms, types, motivations, their ‘fingerprint’, benefits, and tips on surviving and thriving in such an environment.

Dr. Rita Fields, SHRM-SCP
Chief Strategist, Copper Phoenix Consulting, LLC


Roy Wilbanks Ballroom
11:00am - 12:00am
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  Conf Center Lobby
12:00pm -1:30pm Lunch  Roy Wilbanks Ballroom


You see them every day but do you really see them? They are the men and women in your workplace who care for a child or other dependent with special needs. These employees who represent 9% of your workforce have unique needs but they are fighters with incredible skill sets, often developed not in spite of, but because of being a special needs parent. From health and other employee benefits, employee resource groups and celebratory events to travel, relocation and employee engagement, employers must come to understand what makes this large, loyal employee segment productive and profitable and what it takes to retain them. And yes, there are of course, legislative protections. This presentation will help you make the Invisible 9% visible, positively impacting both the company and the individual.

Nadine Vogel
Chief Executive Officer, Springboard Consulting LLC

   Roy Wilbanks Ballroom

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General Session: Chief Diversity Officer's Forum

Our World is constantly changing. As Diversity and Inclusion practitioners, our understanding of the needs and demands of society are vital in playing a significant role in impacting the sustainability and growth within our companies, communities and the country! Today is the day and now is the time. The Chief Diversity Officer Panel will focus on today’s climate and the responsibility HR has inside and outside the walls of the company. We will discuss areas of opportunity on topics such as social responsibility, external social justice issues and how they impact the workplace, diversity management and more.


Dr. Shelton J. Goode, DPA
Executive Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, MARTA


Roy Wilbanks Ballroom


Julius Pryor III
Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Center for Healthcare Innovation

Steve Paskoff
President, ELI


Andres Gonzalez
VP and Chief Diversity Officer, Froedtert Health

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1:30pm - 2:00pm Visit the Expo   Conf Center Lobby  

Global Human Intelligence Breakout Sessions

 2:00pm - 3:15pm Private Sector

HR's Strategic Role In Driving Profits Through Company Growth 

"A growing business can be an exciting place to work full of opportunity and new experiences.  But amid the daily challenges, expanding companies often underestimate the importance of making plans and decisions about employees, which can lead to many problems that impact desired profits.  Failing to re-align top talent; neglecting staff training and support needs; micromanaging and resisting delegation can significantly impact the process. 
In this interactive and engaging session, the speakers will share their personal experiences and how they navigated through challenges in order to achieve business objectives.  They will share best practices, provide practical actionable next steps and conduct an open Q & A discussion to help you understand your role in the process.  

You will learn:
• HR's role when your organization transitions through shifts in business objectives.
• Navigating through the change process with key executives and decisions makers.
• The importance of taking care of yourself during seasons of change.
• What do to first? The critical next steps in aligning human capital with strategic business objectives. 


  Conf Rm C

Kristi Stepp
Global Head, Talent Development, General Motors  

Rodney Eason
VP, Human Resources, Principle Enterprises

2:15pm - 3:15pm Corporate Social Responsibility 

Building your Company’s Connection to your Community - Seven ways Volunteering can help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibility goals

In this fun and informative workshop learn all about how a volunteer initiative at your company can make a difference for you! Volunteer training, management and retention tips, engaging your employees as company ambassadors while helping the community, benefits of a team atmosphere and more! Human Resource professionals need this information to help their company commit to creating high level community impact.


Pam Smith
President & CEO, United Way of Washtenaw County

 Conf Rm F  
2:00pm - 3:15pm Higher Education 

Effective Human Resources and People Strategies in Higher Education.

Higher Education offers a very complex set of challenges for Human Resources executives and Deans. Learn from leaders who are performing as strategic partners executing strategies to link leadership, faculty, students and external corporate partners to advance the mission of their universities. With nearly half of chief HR officers reporting to their school’s chief business officer; only about a quarter deal directly with the president, according to the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources. In this session you will learn detailed strategies to aid you in transitioning your goals from tactical to strategic no matter your level of reporting.


   Conf Rm E

Dr. Ernest Betts
Dean of MCP, Michigan State


Shelly Sherman
Executive Director-Human Resource Business Partner University of Cincinnati

2:00pm - 3:15pm  Hospitality

Identifying, Creating and Maintaining a Positive Workplace Culture

Overview of building and identifying culture
     o Indicators of a healthy culture
Effective tools for tracking culture and engagement
     o Employee surveys

Operate by the values of your vision statement
     o Reinforce and reward positive behavior
Hire the right people (easier said than done)
     o What to look for in a candidate
• Engage employees in daily operations
     o Share successes
     o Inform staff of changes
• Recognize employees/ Show appreciation

• Communication
     o Follow up and Follow through-be honest
     o Importance of Team Meetings
• Leading the team with love
     o Showing kindness and compassion to employees
• Accountability


 Conf Rm F  

Anthony Caan
Director of HR, Bagger Dave’s

Cheran Davis
Director of HR Operations, Marriott


Brian Nelson
Director of HR, Sheraton   

2:00pm - 3:15pm  Healthcare 


"Come learn techniques to solidify your seat at the table! How many times have you participated in a meeting, offered a perspective, not to be heard, and experienced another participant offering your same perspective and being viewed as “brilliant”. How comfortable are you using your voice to advocate on behalf of diverse employees from your same diversity category? How comfortable are your advocating on behalf of YOU!

Minorities and women earn less than their white male counterparts. Minorities and women hold fewer leadership positions. Don’t let your silence send a message of acceptance.

HR professionals are uniquely positioned to push for change. Learn valuable insights, tips, and recommendations to equip you for the task."


 Conf Rm D  

Keyantee Davis
Executive Director, CHRO, St. Joseph Mercy Health

Ovell Barbee
Senior VP, Human Resources, Spectrum Health

3:15pm - 3:45pm  15 minute break
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  Conf. Center Lobby 

Global Human Intelligence Breakout Sessions

3:45pm - 5:00pm  Government 

Human Resources impact on Government overall performance.

Human Resources executives in government are providing strategic support to governors, mayors, city managers and county administrators to impact performance to make their communities better. Learn effective HR initiatives that are improving performance in the following areas of Talent Acquisition, Training, development and performance management.


   Conf Rm C

Donna Wilson
Director of HR, State of Michigan

John Randle
Director HR, City of Farmington

3:45pm - 5:00pm  Private Sector

What does it mean to be a true HR Business Partner?

Too many times we hear that HR doesn’t understand the business or the business drivers. This panel of Human Resources executives will dispel that myth and provide examples of how they are supporting the elements that drive business results. Learn best practices and enterprise wide strategies that they are using to work with leaders across all business sectors.


   Conf D

Dr. Tracy Joshua
Vice President for Supply Chain, the Kellogg Company


Cynthia Wells
Vice President for Human Resource, DESTACO

3:45pm - 5:00pm  Labor Relations 

Preparing for Arbitration

In this session we will be discussing arbitration fundamentals, in which participants will learn on how to prepare for arbitrations, Proper Assessments, Proper preparation for grievances, Knowing & Interpreting the CBA's (Collective Bargaining Agreements),FAA (Federal Arbitration Act), Choosing an Arbitrator, Preparing witnesses, Proper brief writing and other additional insights on current/recent public/private sector arbitration's.


   Conf Rm E

Tony Jones
Head of Labor Relations at Brookhaven National Laboratory

Dr. Tia Lewis
Senior Human Resources and Labor Generalist, City of Flint

3:45pm - 5:00pm  Human Resources Technology


Buzzwords, trends, or the inevitable "Future?" - What tomorrow's concepts such as "Continuous Learning", Feedback, Performance Management, and the "Future of Work" really mean from the perspective of an L&D industry insider. 

How does your company collect and leverage data that is niche, accurate, and positions your workforce for success?  Are you prepared to tackle the critical business challenges that tomorrow may face?  We invite you to take part in a journey and discover a new, continuous approach to learning and talent.  Gain a first-hand perspective of what's on the horizon and how these foresights have led to the creation of   

*Be prepared to contemplate not just where your company is today on the spectrum of continuous learning, performance and talent technology, but where it could be heading.  

*Get a glimpse into how other companies are adapting continuous performance management and building a new corporate culture based on feedback.

*Continuous learning and collaboration demystified. 

Can technology and AI finally deliver data that proves real training impacting ROI?

*Your business is already social--Find out how to leverage it for impact.

 Conf Rm F

Jeremy Tillaman
Founder & CEO
KnowledgeFlo &

Sponsored by: 

3:45pm - 5:00pm  Collegiate Network Track 


 "A Whole New World": Living and Working Abroad

This panel discussion will give students the opportunity to learn about the world of opportunities that exists beyond the United States. The goal is for you to inspire and educate our student members to lead unrestricted careers and full lives.


Janeen Uzzell, Formerly Head of Women in Technology, GE Ghana

  Auditorium 1 

 Shawntee White-Yates 
シャンティ ホワイト・イェイツ 
Vice President, Talent Acquisition & Staffing, Human Resources, Corporate Recruitment & University Relations, MUFG Union Bank, N.A.


Greer Roberts, Schwarzman Scholar, Class of 2018


Walter Hosey, Universidad del Mar, Centro de Capacitación Turistica General Program

Oaxaca, Mexico

Monique Thompson
Thomler Travel

Florence, Italy

5:00pm - until

Destination Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti 

 (Dinner on your own)

  Conf. Center Lobby


Conference Learning and Events Schedule

8:00am - 11:00pm Green Room: Conference Speakers ONLY  Seminar Room 1
8:00am - 12:00pm General Registration  Elizabeth Ann 
8:00am - 12:00pm Registration: Lifetime members, VIPs and Corporate Sponsors N.E.S.S. Experience Conf Rm A 
8:00am - 11:00pm

NAAAHR Elite Signature Services (N.E.S.S.) Experience 

We would like to say thank you for your lifetime membership and corporate sponsorship. Relax in the V.I.P room where you can connect or reconnect with fellow V.I.P.’s and lifetime members

Conf Rm A
8:00am - 5:00pm Expo/Vendor Set-up Conf Center Lobby
8:00am - 4:00pm Business Office  Boardroom
8:00am - 9:00am Breakfast  Roy Wilbanks Ballroom
9:00am - 4:00pm Expo: Corporate Exhibitors & Community Vendors Conf Center Lobby
9:00am - 6:00pm  LEVEL UP! Lounge #BoomYourCareer 
The Collegiate Network welcomes our student members to an inviting space for networking.
Conf Rm G
9:00am - 10:00am 

Keynote: Human Resources Executive Session

In August, 2006, J.T. (Ted) Childs, Jr. retired from IBM after a distinguished 39-year career as a member of their corporate Human Resources team. Upon retiring, he founded Ted Childs®, LLC. The role of Ted Childs® LLC is to serve as a global “Strategic Diversity Advisor” to Senior Management and a client’s Workforce Diversity team.

In May, 2017, Ted was recognized at the 25th Anniversary Tanenbaum Annual Awards Gala with the Inspiration Award recognizing his support of Tanenbaum and their work in addressing religious diversity in the workplace.

Ted is a member of the Executive Leadership Council (ELC); The Families and Work Institute Board of Directors, and was installed as a Fellow in The National Academy of Human Resources in 2001. Ted has received Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters Degrees from Pace University (2001), West Virginia State University (2003), and Our Lady of the Elms College (2005). Ted holds life memberships in the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources, The National Council of Negro Women, Inc., The National Organization of Women (NOW), Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., the NAACP, the Sierra Club, and the Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society.

Ted Childs
Principal, Ted Childs LLC

 Roy Wilbanks Ballroom
10:00am - 10:15am  Break
Visit The Expo 
 Conf Center Lobby

Global Human Intelligence Breakout Sessions

10:15am - 11:30am HR Analytics 

Human Resources Analytics Driving Business Results.

CEO’s are utilizing Human Resources technology and analytics to sustain the company’s competitive advantage in the war to recruit, retain and advance talent. These HR thought leaders will provide you with critical insights in leveraging HR analytics to drive the business results that your senior leaders are requiring.

In this session you will learn:
Learn how to link HR Analytics to your organization’s goals.
Leverage HR Analytics to that drive performance and positive business results.


 Conf Rm F

Darby Settles
Senior Manager, Global People Analytics, GM

Tiffanie Lewis
Sr. Director of Global HR Technology, Diebold Nixdorf


10:15am - 11:30am Healthcare

Human Resources Transformation in Healthcare

Whether your healthcare provider is in rural or metropolitan areas of the United States Human Resources has the unique challenge of providing a more strategic approach to effectively managing the industry’s most valuable asset, its employees. Over the next decade, one third of nurses working today are expected to retire and there’s an expanding physician shortage. HR will be challenged to fill these roles with millennials, who have very different expectations. Understand the strategies HR executives are executing in Healthcare to combat impending talent acquisition shortages. Learn how internal collaboration with Marketing, Finance and Information Technology is helps hospitals attract, develop & retain employees.


 Conf Rm D

Michelle Skipper 
VP for HR Republic Health Services 


Debra Williams
Chief Human Resources Officer, Wayne State University

 10:15am - 11:30am   Private Sector      

Aligning Human Capital with Business Strategy through Cultural Fit & Talent Management           

Employees are frequently viewed as an organization's greatest asset.  However, often times the human capital strategy does not exist or is not in alignment with the organization's business strategy.  In this session, we will review several key areas to ensure that you are hiring the employees who demonstrate the competencies the company needs in order to be successful.  Moreover, this session will provide savvy organizations with an action plan to develop, engage and retain their workforce while aligning with their business objectives in a competitive environment. 

In this session you will learn:

-Evaluate the cost and benefits of effective workforce planning

-Review a framework that can be used to align their Human Capital and business strategies

-Begin drafting a workforce action plan unique to their business' objectives 

-Examine the pitfalls of introducing HR as a strategic business partner


  Conf Rm C                                                                                                                                                                

Veretta Nix
Director of HR, Zingerman's Community of Businesses 

Kimika Garrett
People Business Partner, Duo Security

10:15am - 11:30am  Higher Education

Black Association of Colleges and Employers (B.A.C.E.) 

BACE: Forging a New Season of Strategic Collaboration between Colleges and Employers

*Learn strategies to establish a targeted campus recruitment campaign that attracts Black talent.

*Understand unique strategies of recruiting at an HBCU vs PWI for top Black Talent

*Strategies to move/evolve your campus relationship from recruitment to collaborative partnerships



Kim R. Wells
Executive Director, Executive Education & Center for Career Excellence, Howard University School of Business

  Conf Rm E
11:30pm - 11:45pm Visit The Expo
Roy Wilbanks Ballroom
11:45am - 12:45pm Lunch & Keynote Conf Center Lobby
12:00pm - 12:45pm

Keynote: “Harnessing Your Power to Create Change”

As Founder of the Global Soap Project, Kayongo has built a multi-million dollar venture which takes recycled soap and distributes it through global health programs to people who lack access to it around the world. He breaks down the key factors that have led to his personal success; (S.E.L.F.) Service, Education, Leadership and Faith and shares his account of life as a Ugandan refugee and the turning point which lead him to a brilliant transformation as a social entrepreneur. He calls upon audiences to stop complaining and to start taking responsibility, to consistently seek opportunities to improve, and most importantly, to maintain faith in yourself and your team to create an environment where everyone is empowered to thrive. He brings you on an emotional journey –there will be tears of joy; most of the time, laughter. But every time, the story is real.

Derreck Kayongo
Business Visionary, Global Soap Project Founder & Former CEO of the Center for Civil and Human Rights

 Roy Wilbanks Ballroom
12:45pm - 1:15pm  Visit The Expo
Conf Center Lobby
1:15pm - 2:30pm

General Session: NAAAHR Global Human Intelligence Strategic Dialog

Our panelist consists of an outstanding broadminded group of thought leaders from around the world who have been assembled to celebrate their similarities and learn from their differences. All of whom have been challenged throughout their careers to quickly adapt to new situations utilizing their human intelligence, crystallized intelligence and intelligence across cultures to deploy strategies to positively affect change in their corporate environments and communities. 

Not only will the panel provide global best practices but will also discuss and identify areas where Human Resources leaders will need to build specific skills to offer practical solutions for current and future global Human Resources challenges in the areas of Diversity, Inclusion, Social Responsibility, Culture, Technology and the Labor Law variations.


William T. Rolack, Sr.
President & CEO, NAAAHR


Roy Wilbanks Ballroom

Brenda King
President, EU Commission on Sustainable Development, CEO of AC Diversity

United Kingdom

Beatrice Achaleke
Founder & CEO, Mastermind: GloBUNTU, "Mindset System®, Founder of GloBUNTU Fellowship"

Johannesburg, South Africa


Dr. Valdemar Hill, Jr., Ph.D.
President/CEO, The Hill Group 

U.S. Virgin Islands

Karl Williams
VP, Group Human Resources, Sagicor Group Jamaica Limited 
President, Human Resources Management Association of Jamaica


  2:30pm - 2:45pm
Visit The Expo 
 Conf Center Lobby

  2:45pm - 3:45pm

Global Human Intelligence Breakout Sessions 
 Women Advancement
Advancement of Women in Business: Empowering You to Empower Yourself

Be Seen, Be Heard, Stand Out: Addressing the Unseen Bias No One’s Talking About 

"We are all aware of the challenges women and African Americans face climbing the corporate ladder. With introverts only accounting for 2% of senior executives, despite making up 50% of the population, what hope does this give to the introverted African American woman who wants to get ahead?

In this thought provoking, interactive session, participants will gain an understanding of 

• the misconceptions that create unfavourable bias towards introverts
• how they can adopt a more inclusive environment for their introverted colleagues
• how introverts can be seen, be heard, stand out, and progress in their careers

Participants will leave the session knowing what they can do differently going forward." 


Carol Stewart
Founder and CEO of Abounding Solutions

United Kingdom

 Conf Rm D

 2:45pm - 3:45pm Advancing People with Disabilities

People with Disabilities are the largest and fastest growing minority in the world, in the U.S., surpassing the Hispanic population by 5%. Often overlooked, this segment of the population greatly impacts corporate America from a regulatory standpoint from the EEOC to the OFCCP for companies that are U.S. Federal Contractors. Beyond compliance however, it is the practical applications and scalable solutions that are critical to effect change and decrease the tension between delivering a requirement and engaging in a culture of understanding differences within the workforce and the workplace.

This session will address corporate best practices for practical applications and implementation that help define how the hospitality industry and specifically your organization successfully incorporates this segment through effective outreach, education, accommodations and more. " 


Nadine Vogel
Chief Executive Officer, Springboard Consulting LLC

Conf Rm E
2:45pm - 3:45pm  Non-profit

The Evolution of Human Resources in Non-profits from Altruistic to Strategic.

Human Resources executives in nonprofits face many of the same challenges that for-profit businesses face. However, some human resources issues are unique to nonprofits due to the limitations on time, money, and resources. This session will help HR professionals in nonprofits succeed despite these limitations. The participants in this session have been extremely innovative in their mission-based organizations by building global strategy and generating additional revenue through HR initiatives.


 Conf Room F

Wanda Jackson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, National Urban League

Philip Berry
Chief Human Resources Officer, Clinton Foundation

2:45pm-3:45pm Private Sector

Top Six Skills for Learning and Development Professionals

     -Take a global view of the organization
     -Build relationships
     -Adapt to change and develop a flexible mindset
     -Apply and agile approach to work
     -Use data to monitor and improve learning
     -Use human centered design approach


Conf Room C

Dr. Priscilla Archangel
Organizational Leadership Consultant, Archangel and Associates LLC

Dr. Marsha Parker
Senior Learning & Development Leader, Ford Motor Company

3:45pm - 4:00pm Visit The Expo
 Conf Center Lobby
 Global Human Intelligence Breakout Sessions
  4:00pm - 5:15pm Motivational Advancement


The GLoBUNTU Mindset System® a personal and collective growth concept that has its roots in the Ancient African philosophy of UBUNTU lived and thought by leaders like Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and many others. In the last 10 years, Beatrice Achaleke has developed the philosophy into a global management concept that allows individuals companies and organisations to

• Best manage their natural gifts
• Transform what may look like their personal breakdown into a collective breakthrough
• Let go of bad feelings, experiences circumstances etc., and to develop a happy mindset no matter what
• Unveil their next masterpiece and to love it.

In her session, Beatrice will be showing the audience how Nelson Mandela used the UBUNTU principle of “I am because you are” to transform what looked like his individual breakdown into a collective breakthrough in South Africa and the world. On a personal note, she will also share how this same principle has changed her own life from her “Shit happens” TEDTALK in 2014 to her radical move from Europe in 2015 back to Africa and becoming the accomplished writer, publisher and proud and happy African woman she is today.


Beatrice Achaleke

Author, Africa for Smart Kids Book Series 
Johannesburg, South Africa

 Conf Rm D
 4:00pm - 5:15pm  Private Sector 

THINK GLOBAL: Effective Human Resources Strategies for global professionals.

Human Resources professionals must develop, maintain, and demonstrate abilities to collaborate with leaders across regions and internationally. These global thought leaders will assist you in understanding what it means to think and lead global HR strategies. This panel will also focus on the development of local and global action plans to impact enterprise-wide business results.


 Conf Rm C

Shalanda Holmes
VP, Head of HR, Transportation Company

Kimberly Reed
VP, Global Human Resources, Knorr-Bremse

 4:00pm - 5:15pm  Leadership

Winning the Game: Employing Savviness and Strategies to Overcome the Elusive Realities of Race for Black Professionals in Organizational Spaces!

This presentation deals with the unique experiences of Black professionals within complex and complicated workplaces. This session is influenced by lived experiences, research, and the social psychological and critical theories of: Stereotype Threat, Racial Battle Fatigue, Imposter Syndrome, Intersectionality Theory, and Critical Race Theory. Participants will be challenged on the importance of identity, meritocracy, opportunity gaps, and historic and contemporary systemic and organizational inequities Pertinent to the goals of the Global Human Resource Leadership Institute, participants will learn strategies to improve: (1) selection practices, (2) policies, (3) affinity groups, (4) mentoring, (5) employee onboarding, and (6) organizational culture.

Learning Objectives: o Participants will understand how issues of race and racism are operationalized in organizational spaces.
o   Participants will learn language and theories that explain the impact of racism on people of color.
o   Participants will learn coping (and survival) strategies to deal with issues of race and racism within organizational spaces.
o   Participants will learn success strategies from both a personal and employee perspective.  


 Conf Rm E


Dr. Carl C. Jefferson
President of The Performance Principles, LLC, and Vice Chairman, NAAAHR


Dr. Ronald W. Whitaker II
Assistant Professor of Education,Director of District & School Relations,& Co-Director of the Center for Urban Education, Cabrini University and Executive Director, HU NAAAHR Global HR Leadership Institute

 4:00pm - 5:15pm   Consulting

Conf Rm F
Leading with Executive Presence

What is Executive Presence, how to develop it, and how to use it to propel you forward in your HR leadership role for increased personal and organizational success. Did you know “Executive Presence” makes up 26% of what it takes to get promoted? Your Executive Presence consists of your appearance, your confidence and how you are perceived. What is your Executive Presence saying about your promotability and leadership potential?

Learn how to develop your winning executive presence and sway perception in your favor as THE leadership choice. In this powerful presentation you will:

• Learn the 3 domains of “executive presence” and why they are so important to your success
• Discover the 5 keys to increasing your confidence, promotability and income
• Uncover common blind spots that keep you missing out on opportunities and cause you not to be taken seriously
• Learn the simple steps to enhance your "Executive Presence" right away.

Pamela Green
President & CEO, The HR Coaching and Career Institute, Inc

5:15pm - 6:30pm
LEVEL UP! Lounge #BoomYourCareer 
Exclusive VIP Event with special Guest. 

4:00pm - 7:00pm

Groom Room

 Relaxing room for the ladies to get all dolled up, and feeling good. For the gentlemen, we will get you ready to feel like the kings you are while you sit back and unwind as you allow the N.E.S.S staff to do their magic. 

 Seminar Room 1
6:00pm - 7:00pm

General Reception

Open to all Registered conference attendees

 Conf Center Lobby
6:00pm - 7:00pm 

Sponsors/VIP Reception 

We would like to thank our sponsors, speakers, Chapter Leaders and VIP Guest to an exclusive meet and greet prior to the Gala celebration event.

 Elizabeth Ann
7:00pm - 2:00am 

The NAAAHR 2Oth Anniversary Awards & After Party

Sponsor Comments 
Chapter Awards 
Trailblazer Award Honorees 
Thank you and Acknowledgment of Partners and Sponsors

Roy Wilbanks Ballroom

20th Anniversary "Wakanda Forever" After Party 

Everyone in traditional African attire.

Conference Learning and Events Schedule


10:00am - 1:00pm

Member Appreciation & Closing Breakfast 

Chat with the Chairman of the Board 



Nathaniel Alston, Jr.
Chairman of The National Board
Co-National Founder



Roy Wilbanks Ballroom


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