Alieu B. Nyassi, VP Corporate Advisory Committee
NAAAHR Greater Cincinnati

Dayton Children's Hospital

Alieu B Nyassi is the Director of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity at Dayton Children's Hospital. He support the hospital's strategic efforts to ensure every child, regardless of ethnic, cultural, national or socio-economic background receives not only equal access but optimal equitable care. Nyassi also supports the hospital’s ability to intentionally recruit, develop, promote and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce. He provides the hospital’s workforce with targeted inclusion, diversity and cultural competence education to address, reduce and eliminate socio-economic, racial and ethnic disparities or unconscious bias in healthcare service delivery.

 Prior to joining Dayton Children's, Nyassi also worked at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, NJ and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) as Director for Inclusion, Cultural Competency and Community Health, where he led efforts to ensure consistency, collaboration and advancement of diversity initiatives and population health by helping to identify potential disparities in healthcare and better define the social determinants of health for different populations served. He collaborated with various communities to develop and implement healthy communities programs designed to close the healthcare access gap, introduce healthcare careers to underrepresented youth and initiatives that address gun violence in minority communities.

 With over 15 years as a diversity and inclusion practitioner, Alieu is an inspirational public speaker and have presented at both national and international forums. He also volunteers in international development work to improve living standards of people in various parts Africa. He is president of FACES, Inc. (Fund for African & African American Cultural and Education Solidarity) which provides education and career development services in the Michigan Prison System and supports primary healthcare services, education for girls, build clean water systems and youth development in The Gambia, West Africa. He is also founder of Friends of Penyem for Education and Development which focuses on education, health and women development in West Africa. Most recently, in July 2018, Alieu led a group The Gambia to inaugurate a Solar Water System from a $50K grant he received from Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in Detroit. The new water system now provides clean water to a community of 3,000 Penyem village residents.

Born and raised in The Gambia in a small village called Penyem, he migrated to United States in January 1997 to pursue a college education. He earned an Associates in Liberal Arts from Wayne County Community College in Detroit, a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Development from Oakland University in Rochester, MI and a Masters in Executive Leadership and Organizational Change from Northern Kentucky University
His favorite quote is from his late father: “There is nothing like strangers, they’re friends you’ve never met”.



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