Latisha Douglas-Glynn, VP Administration
NAAAHR Greater Cincinnati

Public Consulting Group

Latisha Douglas-Glynn is a Senior Compliance and Quality Assurance Professional and Interim Quality Supervisor with Public Consulting Group who is contracted with Ohio Department Medicaid. Latisha joined the PCG group in 2013, where she reviews, monitors, and evaluates program areas within the superagency with the goals of regulatory compliance and continuous quality improvement. In addition, to Interim role as an Quality Assurance Supervisor where she supervises 7 individual team member performance and provide coaching. In this capacity, she refined her skills for quality improvement and data analysis. Prior to her employment with PCG, Latisha most recently served in the capacity of Compliance Auditor with the Community Action Agency for 5 years where she was responsible for overseeing fiscal audits for over 20 programs including budgets, compensation, and human resources to ensure compliance with current policy and procedures, risk mitigation assessments as well as corrective plans.

Latisha has had various other roles which include over the past six years volunteering twice a week at Midway Cincinnati Public School, helping children increase their academic performance in math and/or literacy in reading. This has had a lot of positive effects on students, such as helping them to develop skills, making contacts, and allowing them to improve their quality of life. As a result, of volunteering, more students have excelled in their studies and we’ve seen an increase the number of students excel onto middle school.

Latisha also serve as a member and Secretary of Cincinnati Model Investment Club. Her role consists of keeping record of the investment club minutes and general club administration documents. She prepares agendas for regular and special Partnership meetings as directed by the President, notifying partners of regular and special meetings, record of attendance.

Volunteering for Healthcare Financial Management Association over the past two years has given Latisha an opportunity to connect with many different people and serve at their annual women’s conference committee. She assisted with the selection of the conference committee members and assigned an associate chair to each committee that works with the conference chair. She also created the process for documenting decisions made and information sharing with the venue, suppliers and committee members. In addition, she also plays an integral role in the registration process; creating the registration link and seat/table assignment.

Latisha have also participated in a non-profit group called God Did It for the past 2 years. As role as the Treasurer, she overseen financial administration by managing cash flow, paying and recording bills, maintaining a record of debt, selecting a bank and reconciling statements. Others duties include creating budgets, profit and loss statement, balance sheets and a cash flow statement (and/or cash flow projection). Purchased school items and gave to children who have been accepted to college, we offer $3500 in scholarships to applicants a year with a GPA 3.0, back to school parties where school supplies and book bags are given to 100 kids returning to school in July.

Latisha is passionate about helping and supporting Single Moms. She is Coupon Guru and has shown Moms how to make their coupons work for them either by turning coupons into cash or saving money. Discuss how to coupon, where to purchase items, creating a budget and a plan. Over the last 2 years she have helped several women become independent through selling items and generating income in a small business at their home by couponing. In addition, Latisha has volunteered since January 2018 thru present at Lutheran Social Services Choice program helping homeless women become self-sufficient by facilitating and coordinating classes to teach Moms how to complete resumes, job searching, resume writing and interviewing skills.

Latisha's career experiences provide a diverse background from various compliance to stakeholder’s investment group, which this allow her to adapt to new situations nimbly and view her efforts from various lenses. Latisha would like to open her own staffing agency in the near future, and believes that with the various knowledge and servant leadership attitude to serve and inspire others every day will allow her to be successful. In addition, Latisha became a new member of Cincinnati Queen City Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. and looks forward to her new journey who’s committed to public service. Latisha holds an Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Master Degrees in Business Administration. Latisha is married to Michael Glynn Jr. and have 5 children between them.



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