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Erika Broadwater
National President

My Dear NAAAHR Leaders, our Partners, Members, and Friends,


In the early part of this year, we came face to face with an unexpected pandemic that ripped through, not only our Nation, but the world. The immediate reaction from the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources was to conduct webinar series on COVID19. As a result, several of us on the National Board of Directors were called upon to present as guest speakers in partnership with other organizations to educate companies and individuals on how to manage through the pandemic. No sooner did we reconvene on the webinar series in preparation of continuance, this Nation, yet again, experienced another unexpected act of injustice.


I wonder if you’ve been feeling like I have the last few days. Concerned, sad, frustrated, confused, angry. In my role as the National President of the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources, my first reaction was to reach out to you immediately, but I realized I needed time. I wanted to learn more, listen more, reflect more on what’s happening in our country right now before sharing my thoughts.


We have witnessed another round of the violence that all too often afflicts Black Americans and many others. Ahmaud Arbery killed while jogging in his neighborhood, Breonna Taylor killed by police in her own home, the horrifying death of George Floyd. Christian Cooper, an innocent and well-educated black man walking and bird watching in Central Park, being called out by an ignorant white woman who felt she had a social right to call the police on him.


How much longer can this go on? When will our country address this systemic racism and inequality? It’s painful to recognize that there are so many people in our country, perhaps in our organization, that do have that same sense of lack of freedom and lack of security.


We can and must do better. The change needed requires all of us to participate and I want to share where I stand. I firmly believe that diversity makes both our country and our organization stronger and better places to live and work. This includes diversity of all types - race, culture, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender, thought and opinion.


I also believe this moment reminds us that each person’s voice matters. Conversation and dialogue are an important part of this. Recent days have reminded me again that we need to remain vigilant in how we welcome people into our organization and provide an open and safe place that allows for each person’s authentic voice to be heard. I hope you know you have a voice with NAAAHR and feel able to share your point of view and concerns openly and constructively.


We stand for Diversity, and against racism. We stand for Inclusiveness, and against injustice. We stand for Equality, and against discrimination. We stand for Equity, and against biases. We stand for Respect, and against brutality. NAAAHR stands in Peace, and against violence.


The National Association of African Americans in Human Resources sees the need for a call to action. More than ever before, our area of expertise is needed and in demand: Diversity and Inclusion, Equality and Equity, Respect and Peace. Our call to action “It’s Time” will take root with several initiatives; such as:


• Every day at 8:46 a.m. (during your respective time zone), we are asking that everyone take 8 minutes and 46 seconds in a moment of silence for George Floyd and all those who’s lives have been wrongfully taken by the hands of racism and police brutality.


 We will look to partner with other non-profit and for-profit organizations build relationships with companies, local police, and politicians, educating and training on the areas of Diversity and Inclusion, Equality and Equity, and Respect. Our team of subject matter experts and certified HR Professionals are positioned to execute ongoing training with strategic plans for these public and private sectors to follow through with.


 August 28th is the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington, led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This year, our Executive Board of Directors is calling for all Chapter Leaders, Members and Partners to join us collectively in DC to peacefully march and participate in this historic event.


 The NAAAHR Executive Board of Directors and Chapter Presidents are putting all of our efforts into what will be known as the most historic and important National Conference; addressing all of the topics surrounding COVID19, social injustices that affect the workplace, D&I strategies, and so much more. In February 2021, closing out Black History Month, our National Conference will take place leaving a legacy in our history.


You will be receiving more information in the coming weeks relative to each of these areas. In the meantime, if you have a desire to be actively involved, please contact Ivan Crosling, Executive Director ( or Michelle Brewer, SVP of Operations and Logistics (


I want to tell you that I am personally renewing my commitment to diversity in our organization. I want to keep an open dialogue and I encourage you to reach out to your local chapters if you have something you’d like to bring to the attention of the organization in this regard. Together we can be a force for good. While we are facing these unpredictable times, please know that your safety, security and peace of mind are always important to us. You have access to our Executive Board of Directors and local Chapter Leaders for support, condolences,

prayer, and partnership.


Today, our vision, mission and core values are more important than ever. Please take time to care for yourself, your family and your community. My hope for all of us during this especially stressful time is that you and your families are safe and healthy.


Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do to make NAAAHR strong and keep us resilient. Let’s keep the dialogue going.


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Stay Safely Protected Always,

Erika Broadwater

National President, Executive Board of Directors and Office of the Chairman

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